Bishop John Shelby Spong's hermeneutics for a secular age. The debate over his theses in the global Anglican community and beyond.

par Jenathan Haestie

Projet de thèse en Langue Vivante d'Anglais

Sous la direction de Philippe Brillet.

Thèses en préparation à Tours , dans le cadre de Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société depuis le 12-10-2017 .

  • Résumé

    Throughout his career as a published author, the Right Reverend John Shelby Spong has used his insight into biblical intertextuality to question fundamentalist interpretations of New Testament literature in order to legitimize the claims of racial minorities, women and the gay and lesbian community within the wider Christian world. In other words, by drawing on biblical scholarship to reject some of the basic tenets of Christianity – encapsulated in what he calls “atonement theology,” for instance – Bishop Spong has attempted to outline a form of Christianity which, he believes, is better adapted to our secular world but which others – including Anglican authorities on all continents – have called heresy. The questions I should like to ask are: What are Bishop Spong's hermeneutical methods ? What use does he make of Paul Tillich's theology ? How does he understand himself and the role he plays in his historical setting – the issue of Kairos ? What are the roots of the global Anglican opposition to his views ? Has Bishop Spong misread his time ?

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