Geopolitical Affairs : uAE, mutations and challanges to address the issues of the 21st century.

par Jaber Al Shuaibi

Projet de thèse en Géographie - Géopolitique

Sous la direction de Marc Lavergne.

Thèses en préparation à Tours , dans le cadre de Ecole doctorale Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société (Tours) depuis le 02-02-2017 .

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    The UAE confronts emerging challenges of the 21st century geopolitics along with other Arab states and Europe. The purpose of the study is to investigate geopolitical challenges experienced by the UAE and compare them to Arab countries and Europe. The methodology of the current study is qualitative and includes interviews, questionnaires and secondary data survey. The current study will reveal how the UAE can confront existing challenges and overcome them. The UAE is one of the leading powers in the Gulf region among Arab countries. However, in spite of the fast and tremendous growth in power, the UAE confronts considerable mutations that affect consistently the position of the country at the moment a raise challenges similar to challenges of other Arab states, especially those rich in oil such as Saudi Arabia, which the UAE has to overcome in order to maintain its geopolitical position in the region. Current challenges and mutations may represent a threat to the current geopolitical position of the UAE as the country needs to overcome those challenges successfully to maintain its strategically position in the Gulf region and the World. The research question would be resumed as such: -What is the Geopolitics and how far it is an important tool in the World? -What are the major mutations and challenges faced by the UAE in the 21st Century? -Which geopolitical interests may change for the UAE? -What are the geopolitical issues and their history if we compare the similarities and differences of the UAE with other Arab States and Europe? The study will help to understand those challenges better, while better understanding may help to forecast the further development of the UAE. At the same time, the similarity of geopolitical challenges experienced by the UAE to challenges experienced by Arab countries and Europe opens opportunities for the development of closer international relations with those countries to confront those challenges together and to overcome them.

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    Geopolitical Affairs : uAE, mutations and challanges to address the issues of the 21st century.

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