Le terrorisme international face au droit

by Amal Yakoub-Yazigi

Doctoral thesis in Droit public

Under the supervision of Claude Pernet.

defended on 1996

in Paris 10 .

  • Alternative Title

    International terrorisme and law

  • Abstract

    The purpose of this thesis is to define the context in which the terrorism has been developed, trough the following points : 1) the terrorism has to be considered as an integrated part of a more global phenomenon which is violence, and analized its relations with other manifestations such as : war, guerrilla war, civil war (as in lebanon) and some social movements (action directe, red brigades). 2) explanation of the form of terrorism such as : kidnapping, seizure of hostage, hijacking ect. . . . 3) definition of terrorism through its relations with ; * agression as an international crime, **political offence, and setting up the mecanism of terrorism process, and the attempt to find a definition for terrorism. 4) examination of the prevention and repression measures executed by the league of nations, united nations, europian community, north atlantic treaty organazation, and finally french law. 5) identification of the forms of terrorism as the following : *state terrorism and organazation terrorism (palestinian exp. ), **individual terrorism. 6) examination of the forms of terrorism responsibility : * juridical foundation of the international responsibility, ** the responsibility of the state in which the action has occured on its territory, *** the responsibility of the state in which committed the action.

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  • Abstract

    La presente these pretend definir le contexte dans lequel le terrorisme evolue. Premierement : il faut considerer le terrorisme comme faisant partie d'une notion plus globale qui est la violence, et analyser les relations qu'il entretient avec certaines autres manifestations de violence, comme la guerre, la guerilla, la guerre civile (exemple libanais), et certains mouvements sociaux (tels l'action directe, et les brigades rouges). Deuxiemement : expliquer les differentes formes empruntees par le terrorisme : 1) l'enlevement des personnes, 2) la prise d'otages, 3) les detournement d'avions, et autres. Troisiement : definir le terrorisme en examinant ses relations avec : 1- l'agression en tant que crime international, 2- le defit politique. Etablir le mecanisme d'une relation terroriste, et terminer par une tentative de definition du terrorisme. Quatriemement : examiner les mesures de prevention et de repression a travers les travaux : 1) de la societe des nations, 2) les nations unies, 3) de la communaute europeenne, 4) de l'alliance atlantique, 5) du droit francais.

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