Georges Mathieu (1921-2012) : catalogue et étude de son œuvre

par Thanh Duc Le

Thèse de doctorat en Histoire de l’art contemporain

Sous la direction de Paul-Louis Rinuy.

Soutenue le 18-03-2016

à Paris 8 , dans le cadre de École doctorale Esthétique, sciences et technologie des arts (Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis) , en partenariat avec Arts des images et art contemporain (équipe de recherche) .

Le président du jury était Pierre Wat.

Le jury était composé de Paul-Louis Rinuy, Soko Phay-Vakalis.

Les rapporteurs étaient Valérie Da Costa.

  • Titre traduit

    Georges Mathieu (1921-2012) : catalog and study of his work

  • Résumé

    Traditional french painter georges mathieu is the french father of lyrical abstraction. Born in 1921, he enjoyed great fame in the years 1950-1980 and continued his many activities until his death in 2012. this is the adventure of this painter, alternately revered and controversial, for which we must conduct chronological study of the painted work. the establishment of the comprehensive catalog raisonné serves as a prerequisite for aesthetic analysis of his work. The media image of the painter and the character is very well known, but it is sketchy and hides her bulimia artistic productions, energy-time-space-speed, his vehemence in performance, his defense of traditional arts and crafts french and commitment to rehabilitate and safeguard techniques and ancestral know-how as part of a heritage policy. In the euphoric context of post-war and liberation, georges mathieu, after a degree in philosophy and english, decided to become a painter without initial training in fine arts. He chose the pictorial record of the non-figurative art, his gestures and signs. he explains this choice by a desire to break with mediocrity, to stave off a degrading materiality, and recover freedom usurped. mathieu has mastered multiple facets of art: writer, layout artist, sculptor, architect. This painter, among a constellation of artists, gallerists, critics, has become a spokesman vehement non geometric abstraction around artists such as soulages, wols and hartung. After i graduated in 1996 at the national school of fine arts in hanoi, traditional lacquer option, i followed for five years an academic teaching visual arts (in french tradition since my country is a former french colony) and a master of development, still in the plastic arts. In 2005 i joined the national education as a teacher at the school of fine arts in ho chi minh city (former saigon), open city that seemed to me to western influences of modern art or contemporary. I moved to france in 2008 and i decided to direct my thesis to a problematic centered on the non-figurative painting, so abstract, but not geometric, lyrical inspiration, informal or expressionist postwar. Georges Mathieu benefiting, to date, no catalog raisonné, i decided to call the thesis '' georges mathieu, catalog and study of his work. '' In 1947, mathieu aged 25, joined paris. he met famous painters wols, hartung, soulages, hantaï, atlan, zao wou-ki, vieira da silva, manessier, poliakoff and others. if Mathieu is the inventor of lyrical abstraction is also because qu'angliciste, who will make known american painters such as pollock, tobey, de kooning. director of public relations and quarterly editor united states lines paris review on behalf of a shipping company. it writes articles with the contribution of intellectuals and illustrious artists such as john cage, pierre boulez, frank lloyd wright, claude levis-strauss lupasco, roland barthes, carl jung. meanwhile, Mathieu continued to paint, and sells very early his first paintings. outside the partisan approach, 60 years after his first picture, two years after his death, we have enough distance to see the extent of his repertoire and his pictorial innovations. besides painting, mathieu enthusiasm for graphic arts, decorative and craft art. in this extension there is a growing interest for the development of a bold cultural policy, notably through his writings. Today we know less Georges Mathieu, while each held in the 1970s a piece of 10 francs in his hand, and saw the logo 2. Antenna is time to rehabilitate the painter and give him place in the pantheon of painters abstraction. [...]

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  • Bibliothèque : Université Paris 8-Vincennes Saint-Denis (Sciences humaines et sociales-Arts-Lettres-Droit). Service Commun de la Documentation. (Saint-Denis) .
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