Evaluation d'un programme d'activités physiques adaptées sur la qualité de vie des personnes souffrant de handicap mental sévère et vivant en institution

par Vanessa Lecomte

Thèse de doctorat en Psychopathologie

Sous la direction de Bernadette Rogé.

Soutenue en 2008

à Toulouse 2 .

  • Résumé

    This comparative study, tries to show beneficial effect of a physical work programme adapted to handicaped people, on quality of life of mental defective people who live in institution. We gathered various fields composing quality of life which we wish to study, in 4 categories: Psychological wellbeing, somatic balance, social relation and communication, and personal expression and realization of oneself. The sample of our study is composed of 174 people, reached average mental deficiency with severe, alive in specialized agency (M. A. S, Foyers, FDT, adult psychiatric Hospital). We carried out the analysis of their quality of life using three tools: A questionnaire of Quality of life, that we created, adapted to specificities of population, a dimensional graph, created starting from information on current state of the residents provided by the team of care, and this for various fields. The protocol of evaluation breaks up into two times: starting evaluation and final. The evolution of the data of quality of life between these two evaluations, was measured to establish a temporal appreciation of the quality of life, or quality of life in time, of the subject profiting from work programme. Results show an evolution of the quality of life, for experimental group of our study, which means that four categories which make it up have higher results speaking qualitatively, that those of group reference. The study made it possible to partially validate dimensional graph and the questionnaire for the use of measurements of quality of life. These instruments carried a sharp success near teachers, who also consider their use with an aim of having a return on their practice.

  • Titre traduit

    Valuation of a program physical activities adapted on the quality of life of the persons suffering from living and strict mental disability in institution

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  • Annexes : Bibliogr. f. 72-78

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