L'etat de grace examen du credit mutuel comme contribution a la definition francaise de l'"economie sociale"

par Pascale Moulévrier

Thèse de doctorat en Sociologie

Sous la direction de JEAN MICHEL FAURE.

Soutenue en 1999

à Nantes .

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    The name banque mutualiste call itself in question : how come financial aspect of the bank system and the social matter of mutuality can possibly be linked. The investigations made in credit mutuel, and more specificly at the loire-atlantique et federation, are chewing that, in the actual economic context, the survival of christian's beliefs and observances requires the creation of a special identity wich is the banquier mmaliste. Tbis, in order to allow the whole of the bank agents, to preserv social relations within the catholic community, to exert influence and to hold the bank system in position. Starting in 1960's, the state (surrounding credit and new juridic arrangement connected to it) exerce its power to control accumulated assets in the credit mutuel therefore the popular saving. Proclamed intents, justifying practices and it's founding values, are bidding in fact merchant content of the economical action. The institution finds way to build something wich will last in future and become the state's definition of a real french + economic and social bank ;. The denegation du profit is a principle wich justify banking practices. The collective beliefs of devoded agents in etat de grace gives a symbolic legitimity of the economical action. In the process of worldwire market, the examination of beliefs and their bases call the french way in question concerning the practice of mutualite de credit. This peculiar behaviour remains the mixed result of a christian and republican conception of social economy.

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