Human resource management and employee well-being in China

par Li Liu

Projet de thèse en Gestion des ressources humaines

Sous la direction de Jacques Igalens.

Thèses en préparation à Toulouse 1 , dans le cadre de École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse) , en partenariat avec TSM Research (Toulouse) (laboratoire) depuis le 26-09-2013 .

  • Résumé

    By integrating normative and empirical analysis, this dissertation tries to probe into the reality, identify determinants, and clarify business consequence of corporate social responsibility behaviors in China food industry. In accordance with the framework of "determinants-behaviors-impacts" three-dimension model of corporate social responsibility behavior, it attempts to classify these determinants from the individual, organizational, and institutional layer respectively, attaching particular attention to the analysis from the perspective of HRM.

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