Recherche sur le système de management environnemental comme un processus complexe au sein des organisations

par Ionut Viorel Herghiligiu

Thèse de doctorat en Sciences de l'ingénieur

Sous la direction de Abdessamad Kobi.

Thèses en préparation à Angers and the jointly supervising institution l'Université technique "Gheorghe Asachi" Iasi, Roumanie , dans le cadre de École doctorale Sciences et technologies de l'information et mathématiques (Nantes) depuis le 14-12-2012 .

  • Pas de résumé en français disponible.

  • Titre traduit

    Researches regarding environmental management system as a complex process at the organizational level

  • Résumé

    Although the literature presents many works that analyze the Environmental management system (EMS) at the organization level, very few focus on the quality of integration of this system (all integrated environmental practices), quality analyzed through the factors that influence it and also characterizes the organization's orientation to environmental issues. The main purpose of the doctoral theses it’s to elaborate various quantitative and qualitative methodologies, methods and work tools to improve implementation, integration and functioning process that define the Environmental Management System at the organizational level. In order to achieve the intended purpose of the theses, it was conducted a research, based on questionnaire method, with a sample of over 70 organizations mainly industrial organization from N-E area of Romania, at the level of 178 managers. Most important practical and theoretical contributions made, are : (1) clarification and the synthesis of the most important potential factors that have a general character unanimously valid for any organization, factors that may act as “barriers” in the implementing process of an Environmental management system; (2) development and proposal of EMS theoretical model - in accordance with ISO 14001, as a complex process; this scientific approach is unique and original in the specialized literature level consulted; (3) development of a conceptual framework and a coherent research methodologies that allow quantitative and qualitative study of the relationship between the organization orientation in environmental management issues and EMS implementation quality; (4) Development of a systematic model to improve environmental decision making process; (5) development of an investigation methodology of the environmental knowledge system importance due to its influence on the quality of environmental decision and of a simple method to quantify the importance level of this system; (6) development of models showing: (a) architecture of all influences between variables that describe the organization’s orientation regarding environmental management and variables that describe EMS implementation and integration quality under certain conditions; (b) estimation of correlations between organization’s orientation specific factors regarding environmental management and synthetic variable/ global that defines EMS implementation/ integration quality; (7) pproposal and development of practical solutions to improve the quality of EMS implementation and integration at N-E Romania organizations level; (8) development of a conceptual framework and a coherent research methodology, that allow possibility to evaluate improvement of EMS implementation and operation quality by transforming and adapting its architecture based on fractal philosophy paradigm