The politics of “science policies“. : the OEEC/OECD’s science and technology activities from 1948 to 1976

par Ludovic Fulleringer

Projet de thèse en Sciences, savoirs, technologies: histoire et société

Sous la direction de Dominique Pestre et de Matthieu Leimgruber.

Thèses en préparation à Paris, EHESS en cotutelle avec l'Université de Genève. Faculté des sciences , dans le cadre de École doctorale de l'École des hautes études en sciences sociales depuis le 09-01-2012 .

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  • Résumé

    Ludovic Fulleringer's ongoing PhD project deals with the history of the OEEC and OECD “science and technology policies“ from 1948 to 1976. This dissertation aims to historicize the transnational paradigms and networks that supported the development of these policies and their politics. Following the path of scholars such as David Edgerton or François Jacq, this research focuses on actors’ understanding of the organization of science. This project questions naturalized visions and invented concepts such as “science policy” or “economics of science”. Following closely the major “science policy“ negotiations within and outside the OEEC and OECD, this work will cast new light on the history of science policy. Based on archives from several IOs (mainly the OEEC and OECD but also UNESCO and NATO), national ministries (France, USA), this dissertation analyses the recurring international concerns regarding science and technology (productivity gap, investment in education, «technology gap», etc.). In doing so, this dissertation analyzes how the «science policy» paradigm was constructed, used and shared at the international level.