De la compétence à enseigner aux praxéologies d'enseigement : le cas de l'éducation centrée sur la résolution de problèmes

par Renata Jonina

Thèse de doctorat en Sciences de l'éducation

Sous la direction de Jacques Audran et de Tatjana Koke.

Thèses en préparation à Strasbourg , dans le cadre de École doctorale Sciences humaines et sociales – Perspectives européennes (Strasbourg) depuis le 14-12-2011 .

  • Résumé


  • Résumé

    During recent years there has been a lot of discussions about the importance of developing creativity and thinking skills of learners of different sectors. Alongside with this, the questions regarding professional development of trainers in the field of inventive thinking have become an essential issue that has to be tackled. Although different approaches have been offered for developing thinking skills of learners, research into the experience of professionals of different sectors in the area of inventive thinking (working on implementing a specific approach) has been limited. Thus, understanding of problems these professionals face when training for thinking is still limited. Major obstacles that prevent them from performing better are still to be understood and possible solutions to these problems are to be developed. One of the ways allowing professionals to integrate the thinking dimension in the activity is based on the General Theory of Powerful Thinking based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (OTSM-TRIZ). However, despite higher motivation and better results of learners, many professionals find this new way of working difficult, some even withdraw with time. Thus it becomes essential to develop forms of professional development that will help professionals of different sectors to make a smooth transition from their current training to the one offered by OTSM-TRIZ. The problem to be investigated: What solutions can be offered to increase the effectiveness of professional development of trainers/professionals in the field of inventive thinking based on OTSM-TRIZ. Aim of the research: Define and test a model of professional development of practitioners who work on the introduction of the thinking dimension in their activity based on OTSM-TRIZ.