L'effet des conflits armes sur les traites internationaux.

par Fang Wu

Projet de thèse en Droit public

Sous la direction de Pascale Pasquino.

Thèses en préparation à Paris 10 depuis le 16-01-2007 .

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    Different from the traditional model, wars in 21st century seldom break out between or among states ; most of them are armed or domestic conflicts. so treaties are not recessary terminated when armed conflicts broken out. here come the problems : 1. treaties may be suspend, obrogate or continue. but how to categorize them into high or low likelihood of applicability in the armed conflicts ; 2. if treaties not being terminated, what's the relationship of the effect of armed conflicts on treaties and states responsibility of non-performing their oglibation under the treaties ? who will make the judgement ? further more, what's the practice of china when chinese domestic was broken out in pus as well as the boder dispute with india in 1862 ? then make a comparison with french practice to testify the states practices with the former theory.

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