Dipinti tra sguardo e pensiero. Studi attorno a Giorgione, Morazzone e Tiepolo

par Alessandro Rossi

Thèse de doctorat en Histoire et histoire de l'art

Sous la direction de Martin Galinier et de Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa.

Thèses en préparation à Perpignan en cotutelle avec l'Università degli studi (Bergame, Italie) , dans le cadre de École Doctorale INTER-MED (Perpignan) depuis le 02-11-2010 .

  • Résumé

    I would like to consider the history of art in an anthropological perspective on the traces of scholars as hans belting, louis marin, daniel arasse, georges didi-huberman, michaêl baxandall, david freeberg. i am going to carry on a theoretical and in-deep research, which could also be expressed through a pholosophical, semiotic and psychoanalytic language in the conviction that, to know better the man-made work of art, it is necessary to understand the human being. the project aims, after a methodological premise, at setting up bnew useful references to trace the formulation of a study of art in a historical-anthropological sense. the specific cases i am going to analyse are from the italian art of different centuries : the xvi century (iconological analysis of a group of venetian allegorical-portraits), the xvii century (semiotic analysis of a group of lombard religious paintings) and the xviii century (psychoanalytic analysis of some frescos of tiepolo).

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