Application of international humanitarian law in a case of internal conflicts.

par Svyatoslav Lysyuk

Projet de thèse en Droit international

Sous la direction de Pierre Martin.

Thèses en préparation à Toulouse 1 depuis le 01-10-2008 .

  • Résumé

    For the last ten years there were more than one hundred armed conflicts in the world and 90 per cent of them were internal. but unfortunately the majority of the norms of international humanitarian law are destinated to regulate only the coflicts which happen between different countries. for example, only aricle 3 of the geneva convention of 1949 concerns the intrastate conflicts but it does not clear the legal status of the participants and it does not specifically define this term. nowadays the united nations took a leading role of in developping of international humanitarian law. the un is trying to increase the participation of the security council in protection of civil population during the armed conflicts. the creation of international criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia, for siera-leona and for cambodge gave an impulse to consolidation and wide application of humanitarion law. the armed conflicts touch directly the principal human rights (right to live) and that is why it is very important to analyse the existing norms and to improve them.

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