Couples - Career advancement and work life balance

par Myriam Khalil

Projet de thèse en Sciences de gestion

Sous la direction de Muriel de Fabrègues.

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  • Résumé

    This study entitled "Couples - Career advancement and work life balance" will focus on Work-Family Challenges and their Impact on Career Advancement because the most important reasons inhibiting women from achieving top positions in management is the work-life conflict and their strong commitment to family responsibilities. The primary objective of this study is to understand the impact of family responsibilities on the career advancement of working mothers to achieve top managerial positions and also to find out the type of work-life support they would require from their employers through the practices of the Human Resources Office that would offer a better balance between work and life. The perception of women professionals regarding the barriers against their career advancement will be studied and the impact of demographic factors like managerial level, marital status, and family structure will be analyzed. The barriers deliberated in this study are the family responsibilities to have negative impact on women's abilities to achieve and success in top positions and the Human Resources Practices within an organization as being supportive or not for working mothers. The research question of this study is "To what extent do work life balance and HRM practices within an organization would affect women's career advancement for top managerial positions?". Therefore, two hypotheses were elaborated as a result for the research question: H1"There is a significant correlation between work life balance & women's career advancement in management" & H2 "There is a significant correlation between organizational policies & practices & women's career advancement in management".