par Filip Slavkovic

Projet de thèse en Biologie

Sous la direction de Abdelhafid Bendahmane et de Catherine Dogimont.

Thèses en préparation à Paris Saclay , dans le cadre de Sciences du Végétal : du gène à l'écosystème , en partenariat avec Institut de Sciences des Plantes de Paris-Saclay (laboratoire) et de Université Paris-Sud (établissement de préparation de la thèse) depuis le 01-11-2018 .

  • Titre traduit

    Molecular characterization of the nectary development in melon

  • Résumé

    Nectaries are secretory structures that produce nectar, a carbohydrate rich solution composed mainly of sugars which mediate the interactions of plants with pollinators and defenders. Specifically, floral nectar is produced to attract pollinators, whereas extrafloral nectar acts to defend plants indirectly. The lacks of knowledge how nectaries develop and secrete nectar during flower anthesis have hampered the selection of varieties with improved crop-pollinator relationships. Preliminary experiments in this context have already identified a nectarless melon line. The causal mutation has been mapped to a genetic interval harbouring two candidate genes. To bring new insight to nectary development, the PhD student will validate the cause mutation. He will also exploit a combination of ‘'omics'' technologies and genetic screens to characterize the nectarless mutant line. In the ‘'omics'' task, he will unravel the global gene expression dynamics and epigenetics regulation during melon nectary development. In the genetics task he will identify new components of the signaling pathway and validate their roles in nectary development by isolating mutants with altered nectaries developmental phenotype. Through this PhD project we aim to identify molecular markers that breeders could use to improve their varieties for the benefit of crop-pollinator relationships. A collaboration with Dr Catherine Dogimont (INRA, GAFL) and Dr.Bernard E. Vaissière (INRA, Abeilles et Environnement, Laboratoire Pollinisation & Ecologie des Abeilles) is being build through attraction of additional external funding.