The Legislative Consultation in China and the French National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) : a Comparative Study between China and France from the Perspective of Deliberative Democracy

par Rongxin Li

Projet de thèse en Sciences politiques

Sous la direction de Yves Sintomer.

Thèses en préparation à Paris 8 , dans le cadre de ED Sciences sociales , en partenariat avec Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris - CSU (equipe de recherche) depuis le 20-10-2017 .

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  • Résumé

    This paper will start from the background of “deliberative democracy” in different context. Under the Chinese context mostly based on the assertion of Professor He Baogang about the "authoritarian deliberation" but not limited and expands on the basis. the legislative consultation which as an important form of “consultation democracy”(shenyi minzhu审议民主) in terms of legislation is an important path to promote scientific and democratic of legislation, so including the conception of legislative consultation, operation mechanism, problems and solutions will be the focus of this paper of which will based on the cases of provincial and municipal city level. Meanwhile, the CNDP is responsible for informing the general public and ensuring that their views are taken into account throughout the decision-making process for major planning projects and amenities in the national interest which is also under the guidance of the deliberative democracy. The methodologies include case study, literature study and interview. The aspects of the comparative study are mainly on the public participation and debate which will create public sphere for deliberation and learn experience mutually to promote the development of democratic politics.