The causes of inventory innacuracy in the discount stores.

par Abdramane Traore

Projet de thèse en Sciences de Gestion

Sous la direction de Hicham Abbad.

Thèses en préparation à Nantes , dans le cadre de EDGE - Ecole Doctorale de Sciences Economiques et Sciences de Gestion (Nantes) depuis le 13-03-2017 .

  • Résumé

    The recent trends in the retail industry have highlighted a steady growth of discount stores. In fact, a consistent development of the retail business requires an adaptation of the business process and an efficient supply chain system but also a review of the inventory management system to satisfy the end customer. Many experts argue that reducing the inventory inaccuracy can lower significantly the cost of supply chain and ultimately to increase the business performance. The objectives of the thesis are: 1. To examine current academics finding concerning the causes of inventory inaccuracy with a special emphasis on the discount store, 2. To observe and analyse the stock control process within a discount store. 3. To understand and analyse the role of inventory inaccuracy in the store performance with a special emphasis on discount store. 4. To understand the causes of inventory inaccuracy in the managerial perspectives. 5. To draw conclusion and offer recommendations to improve the stock control process and the store performance.

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