Modélisation mathématique et simulation de flux sanguin oculaires et leur interactions

par Lorenzo Sala

Projet de thèse en Mathématiques

Sous la direction de Christophe Prud'homme.

  • Résumé

    Thanks to its special connection to the brain and its accessibility to measurements, the eye provides a unique window on the brain, thereby offering non-invasive access to a large set of potential biomarkers that might help in the early diagnosis and clinical care of Neuro Degenerative Diseases. We currently ​develop a reliable and efficient computational framework of the Eye2Brain system allowing for computer-aided interpretations of the clinical data. To this end, it requires ​mathematical models ​parametrized with patient-specific data that A. quantitatively describe the fluid-dynamical and metabolic connections between the eye and the brain; B. identify the main factors that influence these connections. The Phd candidate will develop a 3D model providing detailed space-time maps of specific components (blood, O2 and metabolites) in a specific part of the eye, the retina. We develop a Eye2Brain systemic view that will help identify parameters within the Eye2Brain system that particularly affect the averaged value of these components. Here, the candidate will leverage the resources available to extract realistic geometries from retinal images and build 3D models for retinal vasculature and tissue to characterize the factors that most influence local features of blood and mass transport in the retina and would lead to pathological alterations as seen, e.g., via funds camera or OCT

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