Behavioral Economics/Finance and Financial Vulnerability.

par Maria Tselika

Projet de thèse en Sciences de gestion

Sous la direction de Emilios Galariotis, Adrian Pop et de Iordanis Angelos Kalaitzoglou.

Thèses en préparation à Nantes , dans le cadre de EDGE - Ecole Doctorale de Sciences Economiques et Sciences de Gestion (Nantes) depuis le 07-12-2015 .

  • Résumé

    This Thesis concerns Behavioral Finance and Financial Vulnerability. Finance as part of the science of Economics revolves around decision making processes. By decision making processes we refer to these factors- internals or externals – that affect the way that people decide concerning the maximization of their utility. In traditional economics we assume that people are rational and their decisions maximize their expected utility. Phsycolology and Neurosciences have given proof that the decision making process of people is not perfect. In fact there is proof that people deviate from the “traditional model” in a predictable way. The way of deviation from the traditional model is linked to heuristics, biases and psychological patterns, as well as the external environment in every decision. In these thesis we aim to investigate the decisions of people concerning finance. More specifically by Finance we refer to decisions concerning savings, consumption, financial products credit cards use and many others. Moreover Financial Vulnerability concerns the tendency of people to poverty through their decisions. There are specific behavioral patterns who are linked to “default”. This link is something we would also like to investigate.

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