Développement de techniques de calcul parallèle haute performances pour la simulation numérique d'impacts de blocs sur couches granulaires.

by Roberto Leon

Thesis project in Sciences de l'ingénieur

Under the supervision of Philippe Mestat and Luis SALINAS.

Ongoing thesis at Paris Est and the jointly supervising institution l'Universitad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria , under the authority of SIE - Sciences, Ingénierie et Environnement , in a partnership with GER - Géotechnique, Eau et Risques (laboratoire) since 01-01-2011 .

  • Alternative Title

    Implementation of HPC techniques for the numerical simulation of boulder impacts on granular layers.

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  • Abstract

    The description of instantaneous multi-particle collisions is very difficult to simulate. It must considerer the evolution of the system with a deformable behavoir and apply a set of percussion which are acting in the system. From the mechanical point of view it is possible modelling the behavoir of the system considering the principle of virtual work. From the computational point of view is precise to simulate the mechanical model presented. In this approach the model could considerer a set of bodies of 10 to 50 elements, but the main goal is to achieve a simulation with a set of bodies of 5000 or 10000 top; for this purpose a parallel technique is presented with the task to increase the number of bodies with the same time of computations. A visualization interface is presented as well showing the results of the model.