Cristaux Photoniques à Gradient et Dispositifs

by Yifan Sun

Thesis project in Electronique et optoélectronique, nano- et microtechnologies

Under the supervision of Eric Akmansoy and Moustafa El Kurdi.

Ongoing thesis at Paris Saclay , under the authority of École doctorale Electrical, optical, bio-physics and engineering (Orsay, Essonne) , in a partnership with Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (laboratoire) , Photonique (equipe de recherche) and Université Paris-Sud (établissement de préparation de la thèse) since 14-10-2016 .

  • Alternative Title

    Graded Photonic Crystals devices

  • Abstract

    Photonic crystals are composed of periodic dielectric microstructures or nanostructures that affect the propagation of electromagnetic wave. Recently, a new type of photonic crystal which is named graded photonic crystals (GPC) was proposed. GPC are obtained by appropriate gradual modification of photonic crystals parameters, such as the filling factor, the optical index, or the lattice period. The modification of such photonic crystals parameters results in consequential index variation, it opens a new way to control electromagnetic wave propagation in photonic crystals, and many applications are inspired by this notion, for example, bending the incident light, the mirage effects, polarization beam splitter, guiding acoustic waves. And another important application of graded photonic crystals is about focusing. Our aim is to fabricate efficient photonic devices for integrated optics. These devices are well adapted for optical pumping of micro-cavity, organic substances, biophotonics, etc. We wish to developp such devices up to telecom domain (1.55µm) and visible domain (600nm).