Le traitement de l'anglais oral dans un environnement informatique interactif multimedia

by Jean-Yves Petitgirard

Doctoral thesis in Linguistique

Under the supervision of Hubert Greven.

defended on 1999

in Université Savoie Mont Blanc .

  • Alternative Title

    "interactive multimedia computer based applications for the teaching of spoken english

  • Abstract

    Computer based teaching which grew out of automated teaching has been one of the central issues of the past twenty years. The increasing use of computers in education has opened up a new series of possibilities for both the teacher and the learner of english. However, although many of the questions raised by the initial technological breakthrough are still pertinent, the rate of development has in many ways modified the situation. While at the beginning computer based learning applications were essentially text based, the development of multimedia allows us to incorporate sound and images into the learning process. Perhaps the most telling developments have been the standardisation of formats along with the increasing use of the cdrom. In order to provide the learner with original exercises any development of computer tools must take into account the latest possibilities offered by information technology such as direct access, simulation and interactivity. An analysis taking into account on the one hand the processing of speech by machine and on the other hand the salient features of aural comprehension will allow us to construct a structure for the teaching and the learning of the latter competence which will be based on quality, quantity, strategy and communication. For each of these categories interactive multimedia computer based teaching offers a number of advantages. In particular it allows a double approach, that is to say : * at the level of the application taking into account the learner's specific needs and the various options available * at the level of the specificity of the interactions the learners will have to deal with. It is particularly at this last level that a wider range of innovative activities most of which only possible using information technology can now be designed.

  • Abstract

    L'enseignement assiste par ordinateur, heritier de l'enseignement programme, a fortement marque la didactique des ces vingt dernieres annees. L'integration de l'informatique dans la pedagogie a permis de renouveler tant les reflexions que les pratiques liees a l'enseignement / apprentissage des langues en contexte educatif. Les problemes que posait l'utilisation de ce nouvel outil restent en partie vrais de nos jours. Cependant, les progres techniques ont sensiblement modifie la situation. Si au debut les possibilites etaient limitees a des applications essentiellement textuelles, l'evolution vers une informatique interactive multimedia, a travers l'uniformisation des formats pour chacun des medias, associee a l'utilisation de nouveaux supports comme le cederom, ouvre de nouvelles perspectives notamment vers le traitement de l'oral, tant en comprehension qu'en production. Les nouvelles applications doivent tenir compte egalement de certaines potentialites des environnements informatiques comme : l'acces direct, la simulation, l'interactivite. Une analyse croisee des possibilites de traitement automatique de la parole et des parametres saillants du phenomene de comprehension de l'oral permet de proposer un modele pedagogique de l'enseignement / apprentissage de la comprehension orale s'appuyant sur quatre axes : quantitatif, qualitatif, strategique et enfin, communicatif. Pour chacun de ces axes, l'informatique interactive multimedia dispose d'atouts evidents, et ce a deux niveaux : * au niveau + macro ;, lie a la gestion du parcours de l'apprenant, tels les acces, les options, les adaptations possibles de l'application ; * au niveau + micro ; s'appuyant sur les interactions specifiques de l'iim et proposant des activites innovantes d'apprentissage. Ce dernier niveau peut servir de base a la mise en oeuvre d'un champ d'activites totalement nouvelles, irrealisables sans le support de l'informatique interactive multimedia, et dont l'implication sur l'apprentissage de la competence orale reste, bien evidemment, a preciser.

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