Prudence et principe du pollueur-payeur pour un traitement concerté de la dangerosité

by Christophe Charlier

Doctoral thesis in Sciences économiques

Under the supervision of Philippe Bomel.

defended on 1995

in Nice .

  • Abstract

    This thesis strives for defining the behaviour of prudence for a polluter that results from the setting of the precautionary principle with the polluter-payer principle. The theoretical point of view defended focuses on the negotiation between the polluter and the involved society before the bigining of the concerned hazardous activity, ratehr than on the regulatory relation between the regulator and the polluter while dealing with the activity. The analysis of prudence is carried through in two main stages. In the first step, the negotiation's content is defined. The "principle of the victim of pollution prime contractor of the cleaning up" is pointed out and its limits (grounded on asymetrical information) are explored. In the second step, the choice of the negotiation process to use to implement the "principle of the victim of pollution prime contractor of the cleaning up" is examined. The reasopn of desagreement that may arise, which do not come from the activity's dangerousness but from a problem of proceeding (equilibrium selection), are explained. Finally, the consequence on the prudent behaviour of the polluter of the presence of an other polluter of the same kind is investigated.

  • Abstract

    L'objet de cette these est de definir le pollueur prudent resultant de l'adoption du principe de precaution aux cotes du principe du pollueur-payeur. Le parti pris theorique adopte consiste a se demarquer d'une relation de regulation impliquant le regulateur et le pollueur, pour avancer la negociation entre le pollueur et la societe concernee de maniere ex ante a la mise en place du projet dangereux. L'etude de la prudence est menee en deux etapes. Dans la premiere etape, le contenu de la negociation est analyse. Le principe du pollue maitre d'oeuvre de la depollution est ainsi avance et ses limites explorees. La deuxieme etape consiste a etudier le choix de la procedure de negociation a utiliser pour mettre en place le principe du pollue maitre d'oeuvre de la depollution. Les causes de la mesentente qui ne tiennent pas a la dangerosite (selection d'equilibres) de l'activite du pollueur mais a une question de procedure sont explicitees. Enfin, l'impact sur le comportement prudent du polueur de la presence d'autres pollueurs du meme type est analyse.

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