La lexicographie du neo-grec, de sabio (1527) a coray (ci. 1800)


Doctoral thesis in Linguistique

Under the supervision of Astérios Argyriou.

defended on 1992

in Strasbourg 2 .

  • Abstract

    Lexicological study (macro-structure, micro-structure) of the principal dictionaries of modern greek, published during the post-byzantine period (1500-1800) : sabio (1527), germano (1622), portius (1635), vlachos (1659), somavera (1709), vendotis (1790).

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  • Abstract

    Etude lexicologique (macrostructure, microstructure) des principaux dictionnaires, parus pendant la periode postbyzantine (1500-1800) : sabio (1527), germano (1622), portius (1635), vlachos (1659), somavera (1709), vendotis (1790).

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  • Notes : Publication autorisée par le jury

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