Théorie du Svara et tradition grammaticale pāninéenne : la Svarasiddhāntacandrikā de Srīnivāsa

by Michel Angot

Doctoral thesis in Orient et monde arabe

Under the supervision of Marie-Claude Porcher.

defended on 1991

in Paris 3 .

  • Abstract

    Panini has devoted nearly one tenth of the ashtadhyayi, i. E. 380 rules, to a systematic study of the accentuation in the sacred langauage (chandas) and the everyday language (lokabhasha). After patanjali the svara disappeared from the lokabhasha and later investigators assigned a marginal place to panini's system of accentuation. These rules were then embodied in various manuals of accentuation such as the svarashiromani, the svaraprakriya, the svarakaumudi, the svaramanjari, of mrisimha (14th c. ), and finally the svarasiddhantacandrika (=ssc of srinivasa (17th c. ). The ssc is the most famous of these works because of its exhaustive nature. The author has drawn illustrations of panini's accentual rules from the taittiriya samhita and has organised the materials in twelve groups dealing with the accentuation of roots, suffixes, compounds etc. . . And pratipadikas through the phitsutras of shantanu. In his analysis, he integrates the commentaries of his predecessors, especially the interpretations of patanjaki, kalyata, haradatta, nrisimha and bhattoji dikshita. Now, with the critical editions of the ssc (1936 and second edition in 1983) and of the svaramanjari (1985), we can see clearly that the accentual rules of panini like other rules, are part of the analytical formation process of the words which constitutes the ashtadhyayi. The present work gives the translation of the main sutras of panini with their commentaries by shrinivasa.

  • Abstract

    Panini a consacre presque un dixieme des sutras de l'ashtadhyayi, soit 380 regles, a l'etude systematique des tons (svara) dans la langue sacree (chandas) et la langage mondain (lokabhasha). Apres patanjali, le svara disparait du langage mondain. Les lointains successeurs de patanjali n'assignent plus qu'une place marginale au systeme d'accentuation decrit par panini. Ces regles sont alors disposees dans differents manuels comme la svaraciromani, la svaraprakriya, la svarakaumudi, la svaramanjari de nrisimha (xive s) et finalement la svarasiddhantacandrika de shrinivasa (xviie s). Ce dernier ouvrage edite en 1936 est le plus fameux de tous et le plus complet. L'auteur y analyse de maniere systematique toutes les regles accentuelles de panini et de shantanu. Il les illustre d'exemples de la taittirya samhita et du sanskrit mondain et integre, dans son commentaire, toutes les interpretations de ses predecesseurs, de patanjaki a bhattoji dikshita. Le present travail donne la traduction des principaux sutras et de ses commentaires par shrinivasa.

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