L'épargne en Tunisie : situation et perspectives

by Adnene Ajimi

Doctoral thesis in Sciences économiques

Under the supervision of Claude Jessua.

defended on 1992

in Paris 2 .

  • Alternative Title

    Saving in tunisia : situation and prospects

  • Abstract

    In view of the finance's needs, the tendancy of petroleum resources to decline, and the difficulty to ressort to an supply of external resources similar as the last years, the increase of saving is an essential concern of every economic political. Without being the miracle solution of development problems, the increase of national saving is the cramped way by it we have to pass. The available funds exist in the country and it's possible to increase the volume of national saving by actions supporting on his formation, his mobilization and his affectation.

  • Abstract

    Vues les besoins financiers et la tendance a la baisse des recettes petrolieres, et la difficulte de continuer de recourir a un apport de ressources etrangeres pour financer les investissements a un niveau similaire a celui des annees recentes, l'augmentation de l'epargne est un souci de toute politique economique. Sans constituer la solution miracle aux problemes de developpement, l'accroissement de l'epargne nationale est la porte etroite par laquelle il faut passer. Les disponibilites existent dans le pays et il est possible d'accroitre le volume de l'epargne nationale en poursuivant les actions portant sur sa formation, sa mobilisation et son affectation.

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