Etude des différences géographiques sur le développement de la sécurité sociale


Doctoral thesis in Sciences économiques

Under the supervision of LOUIS LEVY GARBOUA.

defended on 1991

in Paris 1 .

  • Alternative Title

    Study of the geographic differences on the development of the social security

  • Abstract

    The main purpose of this thesis is to verify the existence of geographic differences and to analyse the reasons of these continental disparities in the development of the social security. To this end, we have completed a discriptive approach and empirical tests on 105 countries. We observe, in consequence, geographic differences in every aspect of social security: in its historical evolution, in the level of benefits and coverage rates and so on. . . And these continental differences are due to differences in cultural and political factors.

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  • Abstract

    L'objet principal de cette these est de verifier l'existence des differences geographiques et d'analyser les causes de ces disparites de developpement de la securite sociale selon les continents. A cette fin, nous avons procede a l'approche descriptive et aux tests empiriques des 105 pays. Par consequent, les differences geographiques se rencontrent dans tous les aspects de la securite sociale: les perspectives historiques, le niveau de prestations et le niveau de couverture etc. . . Et ces differences par continent sont dues a celles des facteurs politico-culturels.

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