Dire les choses : Auguste Laurent et la méthode chimique

by Marika Blondel

Doctoral thesis in Philosophie

Under the supervision of François Dagognet.

defended on 1990

in Lyon 3 .

  • Alternative Title

    Speaking things auguste laurent and the chemical method

  • Abstract

    Auguste laurent (1807-1853) proves the knowledge of the chemical combination, i. E. Atoms and their arrangements to be illusory. On the other hand he assumes that this question is essential to the progress in the iunderstanding and prevision of phenomena. He therefore indicates a medium-sized plan for the postlavoisian chemistry : i. E. To speak things instead of knowing them, but speaking in order to know. Mineralogy wich laurent knows very well offered to extreme solutions : either to transcribe the external characters - properties - or to express the substance. He chooses the middle-way. Better still, he follows both ways : he expresses his idea concerning arrangements but so that experiment is forced to answer the theoretical questioning; he transcribes the properties but in such a way that the recorded experiment has to speak out its reason. The chemical method nust be considered as a discourse upon things, as well as it gives the conditions for such a discourse to be held; the language of such a discourse would be provided by the theory.

  • Abstract

    Demontrant l'illusion de la possibilite de connaitre la combinaison chimique, c'est-a-dire des atomes et leur arrangement, reconnaissant par ailleurs que ce probleme est essentiel pour avancer dans la comprehension et la prevision des phenomenes, laurent (1807-1853) fixe a la chimie post-lavoisienne un projet moyen : dire au lieu de connaitre, mais dire pour connaitre. Entre les deux solutions extremes qu'a offertes, par exemple, la mineralogie a laquelle laurent est tres attentif, transcrire les caracteres exterieurs - les proprietes - ou exprimer la substance, laurent choisit la voie moyenne. Ou plutot, il emprunte les deux chemins : exprimer son idee de telle sorte que l'objet soit mis en demeure de repondre au questionnement theorique, trans- crire les proprietes mais de telle sorte que l'experience consignee dise alors sa raison. Laurent definit pour la chimie un projet de discours dont la theorie fournirait la langue : la methode de chimie se donne comme un essai pour dire quelque chose sur l'objet chimique.

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