Metamorphoses du regard. Traces d'ephemere. Carnets de philippe jaccottet. (1954-1979)



Under the supervision of Pierre Caizergues.

defended on 1988

in Montpellier 3 .

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    The study concernes the philippe jaccottet book (poet, writer and translator) on the period 1954-1979. The reason of our approache comes as the result of at the reading of the book is revealed the fundamentally caracteristic of this poetics centered around the look. This look is transformed by erotic drive disseminated into metaphors. But this writen traces in order to try to win the moment, the fleeting, conceal the energy who comes from the meeting with the world. The look is in presence of the reality, discoveres the hartmony or behind the finery the break. Attached to say this "lessons" of the elementary, look cultivates "native", goes to the "screens" for reaching in writen traces the obvious, inaugural clarity, uncertain instants. Singular approache that we situate in our conclusion "between eros and psyche".

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  • Abstract

    L'etude concerne les carnets de philippe jaccottet (poete, ecrivain et traducteur) dans la periode 1954 1979. La raison de notre demarche provient du fait qu'a la lecture des carnets se revele la caracteristique fondamentale de cette poetique axee sur le regard. Ce regard est metamorphose par la pulsion erotique disseminee dans les metaphores. Mais ces traces ecrites pour essayer de capter l'immediat, l'ephemere, recellent l'energie qui provient de la rencontre avec le monde. Le regard est en presence du reel, decouvre l'harmonie ou derriere la parure, la dechirure. Attache a dire ces "lecons" de l'elementaire, le regard cultive le "natif", traverse les "ecrans" pour atteindre en traces ecrites l'evidence, clarte inaugurale, instants aleatoires. Singuliere demarche que nous situons dans notre conclusion "entre eros et psyche".

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