Le système international de l'âge nucléaire

by Irnerio Seminatore

Doctoral thesis in Science politique

Under the supervision of Alain Joxe.

defended on 1988

in Paris, EHESS .

  • Abstract

    The thesis includes a distribution of the subject in a theoretical introduction and in four chapters. The most significant tendencies of international post-world war politics are strictly examined. The first chapter is consecrated to the study of the inter dependences and "linkage" and with all their theories. The second part is connected to the rational schematisms involved in the interpretation of the international scene since 1945, the "hard bi-polar pattern, followed by the soft one" and succevely the "multi-polar and the pluralist pattern". The growing interference of national inside the international is approached in the third chapter in linkage's terms between regional and world wide conjunctures. The investigation is spread over the "crisis" analysis in all their several implications (calculated, drived and indirect strategies of great powers). The fourth chapter is consacrated to the evolution of strategic thought (1945-1985). We go through reflexion stages about the nuclear system involved inside the world diplomatic game and the repercussions of this technical novelty, upon the structure of politics and upon the drive of interior and international relationships.

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  • Abstract

    La these comporte une repartition de la matiere en une introduction d'ordre theorique et en quatre parties. Y sont examinees les tendances les plus significatives de la politique internationale de l'apres-guerre. La "premiere partie" est consacree a l'etude du systeme des interdependances, du "linkage" et de leurs theorisations. La "deuxieme partie" a trait aux schematismes rationnels par lesquels s'est traduite l'interpretation de la scene internationale depuis 1945, le "modele bipolaire rigide, puis souple" et successivement le "modele multipolaire ou pluraliste". L'interference croissante du national dans l'international est abordee (dans la troisieme partie) en termes de lien entre conjonctures regionales et conjoncture mondiale. L'investigation s'etend a l'analyse des "crises", en leurs implications multiples (strategies calculees, pilotees et indirectes des grandes puissances). La "quatrieme partie" est consacree a l'evolution de la pensee strategique (1945-85). On y parcourt les etapes de la reflexion concernant l'inscription des armes nucleaires dans le jeu diplomatique,. . .

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