Etude differentielle du desir et de l'interdit

by Fatima Guessoum

Doctoral thesis in Psychologie

Under the supervision of Michel Lobrot.

defended on 1987

in Paris 8 .

  • Abstract

    Desire, as a global structure of the individual, exists in each person with a different degree of force and with different modes of expression. Every culture thereby develops a system of belief which fixates and delimits desire. Putting desire into perspective is a way of articulating the interplay of the forbidden, which is only a defense against the impossible.

  • Abstract

    Le desir, structure universelle de l'individu, bien qu'il existe en chacun, il n'a ni la meme force, ni les memes moyens de s'exprimer. Ainsi, chaque culture developpe un systeme de croyance qui fixe et delimite le desir. La mise en perspective du desir permet d'articuler le jeu de l'interdit qui n'est qu'une defense contre l'impossible.

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