Conception de nanomatériaux à base d'oxyde par ALD : de la détection aux membranes

par Adib Abou Chaaya

Thèse de doctorat en Chimie et physicochimie des matériaux

Sous la direction de Philippe Miele.

Soutenue le 09-09-2014

à Montpellier 2 , dans le cadre de Sciences Chimiques (Montpellier ; École Doctorale ; ...-2014) , en partenariat avec Institut Européen des membranes (Montpellier) (laboratoire) .

Le jury était composé de Philippe Miele, Ivo Utke, Julien Bachmann, Lionel Santinacci, Mikhael Bechelany.

Les rapporteurs étaient Ivo Utke, Julien Bachmann.

  • Résumé

    Conception de nanomatériaux à base d'oxyde par ALD : de la détection aux membranes

  • Titre traduit

    Design of oxide based nanomaterials by ALD : from sensors to membrane application

  • Résumé

    In this context, the aim of this PhD work is the synthesis of different nanostructured materials based on ALD oxide thin film (Al2O3, ZnO and Al2O3/ZnO nanolaminates) deposited on different types of substrates such as silicon substrate, glass, nanofibers, multipores and monopores membranes, PET and gold coated nickel dogbones. ALD deposition was performed on those substrates with changing the film thickness (number of cycles), the deposition temperature, and the film composition (doping, multilayers etc.). After the ALD deposition chemical, structural, optical, electrical and mechanical characterization were performed on the ALD deposited layer in order to study the influence of the deposition parameters on the thin film properties. The deposited and characterized ALD films were investigated on different fields:• Optical properties for solar cell applications (Chapter 2) • UV detection (Chapter 3)• Protective coating and gas barrier (chapter 4)• Ionic transport, water desalination, Mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing and Gas purification (chapter 5)The atomic layer deposition technique combined with nanostructured templates show several advantages on several application fields that will be reported on this thesis. The structural and properties evolution of the ALD thin film with the deposition parameter evolution leaded to a doped ZnO layer and Al2O3/ZnO multilayer with tunable optical, electrical and mechanical properties that can be interesting for different applications such as solar cell and UV detection. The conformal coating on high aspect ratio template with the angstrom range thickness control offered by the atomic layer deposition technique meted our target on nanopores diameter tuning for different applications on the nanometeric range such as gas purification. Moreover the compatibility of the deposited materials with some biological function leaded to a combination between nanostructure materials and biological function that shows promising results for different applications such as ionic transport, water desalination, mass spectrometry and DNA sequencing.

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