Contributions à la description locale des contenus visuels

par Bruno Lameyre

Thèse de doctorat en Informatique

Sous la direction de Michel Crucianu.

Soutenue en 2010

à Paris, CNAM .

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  • Titre traduit

    Contributions to the local description of visual content

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  • Résumé

    This thesis is dedicated to the study of methods of recognition and tracking of objects in still images and videos sequences. We relied on low-level description methods by extracting feature points, known for their robustness in heterogeneous visual scenes. The first part of this thesis, which is our first contribution, is dedicated to a synthesis of techniques of local description. The second part is dedicated to three propositions for developing local approaches used to describe visual content. In particular, the second contribution refers to the precise modeling of the variability of image descriptors. This model improves the quality of matches between image descriptors, whilst providing the opportunity to constrain the degree of invariance. The approach we developed in our third contribution significantly improves the recognition rate of objects in video sequences, whilst minimizing the rate of false. It exploits the combined use of local features and more global descriptors, without the necessity for a costly and uncertain preparatory step of segmentation of the image. Our final contribution is an intermediate description of the neighborhood of a point (bigger than local but smaller than global). The aim of these description is threefold: the first is to minimize ambiguity when matching descriptors and the two others are a direct consequence of its compactness: firstly, it allows us to implement a first-level adaptive filter in collaboration with a local descriptor more classic but more time-consuming and secondly, it allows us to load in, the main memory, up to 50 times more vectors than you could do with conventional local descriptors.

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  • Bibliothèque : Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Paris). Bibliothèque Centrale.
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  • Bibliothèque : Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Paris). Bibliothèque Centrale.
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