Expérience et redéfinition de la tâche dans le travail des infirmières de nuit : une recherche menée dans des unités de pneumologie

par Cathy Toupin

Thèse de doctorat en Ergonomie

Sous la direction de Serge Volkoff.

Soutenue en 2008

à CNAM .

  • Titre traduit

    Experience and redefinition of the task in the work of night nurses : a research conducted in hospital departments

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  • Résumé

    Among the work characteristics that are likely to influence age and experience related adjustment processes, the issue of work schedules remains largely unexplored. We believe however that work schedules or shifts play an important part in building and mobilizing experience. This paper aims at characterizing the specific strategies implemented by night shift personnel based on a study conducted with nurses in two hospital departments of pulmonary diseases. It also suggests a dynamic approach regarding the links between work shifts and the work activity, pointing out how such links evolve over the course of a career as a result of experience, and how such a process is “visible” in their activity at present. Nurses in the pulmonary disease department “assign” themselves goals; they devise a “night interpretation” of their task, taking into account the condition of their patients (for example, goals aiming at protecting their sleep and calming their anxiety), the absence of health care staff resulting in a deserted environment (for example, goals aiming at ensuring they are always well informed on the state of each patient), and their own psycho-physiological state (for example, goal aiming at remaining alert). Various registries of experience will allow them, on the one hand to recognize the goals of such actions, and identify the contradictions that may arise from them; and on the other to compensate for the difficulties and disturbances caused by such “tensions” by finding ways to compromise. In terms of application, this research can offer benchmarks for improving the work situation and recognition of nurses at night.

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