Dans l'univers fragmenté des campus nigerians : étude des transformations de l'identité sociale et du statut de la population étudiante au Nigeria

par Yann Lebeau

Thèse de doctorat en Sociologie

Sous la direction de Jean Copans.

Soutenue en 1995

à Paris, EHESS .

  • Titre traduit

    In the broken up universe of the nigerian campuses : a study of the transformations of the students'status and social identity in nigeria

  • Résumé

    The nigerian educational system has benefited during the sixties and seventies by a continuous financial support. During this period a particular emphasis has been laid on the development of tertiary institutions,meant to assure the replacement of the expatriate high-level staff of the former colonial power,and to promote the new elite of the federation. The cost of this policy,more inspired by political consideration than by a genuine appraisal of the country's needs,led nigeria to introduce a "qualitative reorientation" in the access to its higher institutions in the early eighties by reinforcing the entrance selection and by reducing the number and the amount of student scholarships. In addition,nigeria sustained the effects of the eighties social and economic crisis,marked by the introduction of a structural adjustement programme under the aegis of the world bank. This connexion between external and internal factors induced a process of transformation of the students' status and social identity,by increasing socio-economic and geographical disparities in the access to higher education,and by upsetting the traditionnal hierarchy of the student popumation till then based on principles of seniority and execellence. In a context of disintitutionalisation of the social cohesion on the campuses,the author develops the thesis of a resistance opposed by the students,:most of them being still from modest and rural or suburdan backgrounds,to the strengthening of social inequalities in their conditions of learning and to the breaking up of their study environment.

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