Le travail du mythe dans les recits de j. M. G. Le clezio


Thèse de doctorat en Littérature française

Sous la direction de Paule Plouvier.

Soutenue en 1991

à Montpellier 3 .

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    The work of myth into le clezio's texts

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    We consider the myth of golden age as the main element of le clezio's texts ; indeed, in our point of view, his vision of the world is deeply influenced by the myth that gives to the le clezio's novels its real meaning. So we intend to study how the myth of golden age has "modeled" the fundamental parts of le clezio's books. That is to say his philosophical conception of space, of language, of game ; his position on original freedom and on modern slavery. We mostly used the theses of mircea eliade (the ontological aspect of the myth for example) because those theses allow to understand the various aspects of le clezio's thought. As an example, myth is defined by m. Eliade as "a story of a creation"; also the drift of le clezio consists in telling how modern man has himself lost golding age and has lived in a bad world. As well as the "fallingworld" is disqualified, as well as are exalted" the country of silence" and its people who could preserve oneself from the "fall". The texts of le clezio are built upon a series of oppositions assorted with a system of values that could be brought out by the structuralist method, even though we added other analyses including the social context, the author's personnality and the ontological aspect. Through the le clesio's novels, the myth of golden age finds again its sacred sense proper to the primitive people. Indeed le clezio's texts can help us to build a new world.

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