Praxis de la lecture

par Michel Morel

Thèse de doctorat en Études anglaises

Sous la direction de Jean-Claude Sergeant.

Soutenue en 1989

à Paris 3 .

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    Praxis of reading

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    Any realistically founded analysis of reading must take into account and clarify the universe of the reader in its reciprocal relation to the universe of the text. Empirical reading is characterized by its reliance on spontaneous thinking. It is thus made dependent on subconscious mechanisms that all involve duality. This duality can either be reactive (each term of the relation being defined by its antinomy to the other) or reversible (the two poles establishing a relation of correspondence paradoxically based on what differenciates them). Reactivity and reversibility are the two invariants which rule the domain of the text (the corpus) and of the reader (the lectus). The "corpus" comprises the generic repertoire actualized in the text; the neologism "lectus" stands first for the socio-cultural habitus of the reader and second for his acquired corpus. In his deciphering of the text, the reader concretizes the corpus actualized in the text, on the basis of his present lectus. This concretization is shaped and impelled by the processes of "moralysis", being the innate tendency of each individual to attribute a positive or negative value to each object or idea he perceives. Hence the double nature of ideology. Ideology is originally perceptual: it is constructed by the individual in the moment when he perceives the world around him. The material that goes into such a construction composes contextual ideology. The two stand in unceasing retroaction each to the other. Due to

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